Who are we?
Re:root is a young and dynamic data consulting firm. Because our staff memebers come from a wide variety of fields, we can define data in various ways. At re:root, we therefore approach data in a broad manner. In a business context for example, it can focus on your business processes and monitoring all sorts of information present in your organization. For ICT development on the other hand, it revolves around the analytic side of data and presentating information effectively. Now, we at re:root are joining forces to help your business go to the next level.

What does re:root offer?
Re:root offers a blend of technological knowledge, data mining and analytic tools to help you create and transform applications, processes and operations in line with your unique possibilities. This, in turn, will improve your operational efficiency through work flow digitization, process automation and enterprise integration. Re:root provides personalized insights to suit your business needs, employing the latest advancements in Big Data and data science. In doing so, we can take your company to the next level, by harnessing and integrating relevant data from all corners of your organization - research, marketing, sales, service, operations, finance, and more. Strengthen and dramatically improve decision making across your business, with the ability to monitor performance across a multitude of areas, such as growth, margins, channels and sales productivity - in both current and predictive contexts.

Why re:root?
Our aim is to deliver the right analytic solutions for you and your business, intelligent solutions designed to solve your business challenges and drive growth. Possible differences are dramatic and above all endless, from more informed decisions and effective sales strategies to increased levels of performance and productivity. Get in touch today and find out where re:root can take you!

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